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Reflect,   Rethink,   Reimagine. 

STEAM STUDIO offers high school students an exciting approach to learning. Our curriculum blends the mind of a scientist/technologist with that of an artist, enabling students to explore the captivating area where STEM, the Arts, and the future intersect. 


STEAM STUDIO creates a new approach to learning that is more tinkerable, more meaningful, and showcases diversity. We are collaborating with vocational/technical schools and district high schools to create STEAM STUDIOS as academies within their existing schools - in Massachusetts and throughout the nation.

Our Focus


  • Open students' eyes to a world of possibilities and interestsWe want to expose students to an expanding number of opportunities so they can uncover aspects of intellectual life that excite them and make well-informed college and career decisions.

  • Create lifelong learners who are undaunted by the world around them, who can adapt to the changes they will face, and who will flourish in a world that constantly creates new opportunities for employment and science and technology exploration.

  • Give students critical thinking habits, problem-solving skills, and creative abilities that will prepare them for college and accelerate them on paths to exciting lives and thrilling careers.

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Our Learning Model


STEAM STUDIO infuses the learning principals from MIT's Edgerton Center and Media Lab to create the next generation engineers, scientists, and innovators: 


Students learn best when actively working on engaging projects – generating ideas, designing prototypes, making improvements, and creating final products


Learning flourishes as a social activity - with people sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and building on one another's work


When focusing on meaningful tasks, people work longer and work harder, persist in the face of challenges, and learn more in the process


Learning involves playful experimentation – trying new things, tinkering with materials, testing boundaries, taking risks, and iterating again and again 

MIT Media Lab

Our Curriculum 

​Our college and career curriculum includes a strong foundation in STEM, the Arts, and Humanities:

Integrated Core Courses (year-long) unite academic subjects with industry and career pathways. Students apply academic principals to real-world challenges. Course example: Physics & Engineering: Motion by Design, where students apply principles of physics and engineering to an iterative cycle of product design. Course culminates with competition-ready, semi-autonomous devices presented as marketable products designed to serve a specific purpose in the students’ local community.

Crash Courses (6-12 weeks long) introduce a variety of short courses that give students the knowledge and skills needed to explore exciting fields (e.g. computational thinking, bioengineering, internet of things, design thinking, coding Amazon Echo & Google Home, electronics, creative writing, making wearables, architecture, bio-inspired robotics).

Action Learning Labs. (3 hours every other day). Modeled after MIT Sloan's Action Learning methodology, students participate in three labs, where they apply classroom learnings and engaging in real-life projects: deep dives into current topics that provoke imagination, ignite passion, and improve their lives and the lives of others – in their communities and across the world.

The Engineering Lab, a "maker space" where students leverage science and technology to engineer solutions that lead to better lives for our citizens and society

The Life Sciences Lab, where students tackle exciting projects at the forefront of science, including biological engineering, new media medicine, wireless health, genetics, bio-design, brain and cognitive sciences, and computational biology

The Computing / New Technologies Lab, where students get immersed in the exciting world    of computing – and explore how new technologies will shape our world (e.g. cloud computing, internet of things, data science, virtual/augmented reality, machine learning, cybersecurity)

How do Action Learning Labs work?

We start with a question, an idea, or a technology. And to make the experience as rich as possible, we aim for big questions, stimulating ideas, and unexplored technologies that can lead students in many productive directions – within and across labs. 

Students tackle projects that explore the convergence of scientific and artistic creativity. They are also encouraged to collaborate across disciplines. Action Learning Labs help students grow as creators, critical thinkers, and entrepreneurs – and prepare them to excel in higher education and careers in high-growth fields.

Beyond Academics: Students Will Learn Essential Life Skills

Many students will eventually work at jobs that don’t yet exist, so we focus on essential skills that enable the students to:

  • Develop self-confidence to explain, demonstrate, and promote their original ideas - in writing and orally

  • Build creative confidence to approach challenges fearlessly

  • Boldly tackle hard problems by learning how to break large problems into manageable pieces

  • Persevere to overcome difficult challenges despite inevitable roadblocks

  • Develop social skills to collaborate with others and treat them with kindness and respect

  • Be open and adapt to changing circumstances, different cultures, and new ways of thinking

  • Be able to move seamlessly between the physical and electronic worlds


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